Big & Small Manage your equipment

Our cloud-based management system allows you to track & maintain all of your assets in seconds, giving you visibility on all of your equipment.

How It Works :

Simply attach a TAPiTAG NFC/ QR to any asset. Scan the asset with a mobile device to instantly see asset information. Manage all equipment information in one place- everything from repair history and cost, technical documents, user manuals, asset location & much more.

Reduce theft and loss of assets - view asset locations. Assets can be assigned out to staff or location on continual use or a needs basis

Why choose TAPiTAG?

Reduce theft and loss of key assets by monitoring asset locations. The asset can be assigned out to staff or locations on a continual use or needs basis.

Meet auditing requirements - users can regularly audit assets, including adding photographic evidence.

Reduce maintenance cost- schedule asset preventative maintenance.

Fully cloud-based management system with no power needed on the tags and no special scanner needed to read tags. Works with iPhone and Android -No APP needed.

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