Digital Business Card for Sales Representatives

tapitag digital business card for sales representative

With the help of TAPiTAG, salespeople can dramatically grow their network, increase sales, and grow their pipeline with a simple TAP.  

Standing out from the crowd as sales professional can be difficult, you want to make a positive first impression and be remembered on the follow-up conversation. We have developed a platform for sales processionals to switch from their outdated standard paper business cards to a TAPiTAG smart business card.  

Sales personnel live and die by hitting targets & securing future business for their pipeline. Any tool that enables you to boost your sales figures is something that is worth paying attention to. The truth is, paper cards will not be enough to make a new connection in 2023, you need to be Digital, Sustainable and have your details up to date. When was the last time a paper card was saved into your phone and not given a new home in your drawer? 

One of the main problems with one-way information exchanges is that you must wait for the prospect to contact you & when they do, you do not remember them. That is not an effective method for success in sales.  

With TAPiTAG, the potential customer does not have a business card of their own, TAPiTAG enables you to conduct two-way information exchanges almost immediately with the ‘connect with me’ feature. The follow up is much smoother when your picture, name & details are already saved in their phone. 

Just tap your TAPiTAG card against a potential customer's phone when it is in lead generation mode. Here is what transpires: On the potential customer's phone, there is a lead generating form in the ‘connect with me’ button. The potential customer enters their data, instantly, you receive an E-MAIL containing the prospect's details and you can also access the data on your TAPiTAG profile.  

You can click a link to have your phone instantly make a contact field entry with all their details. Additionally, data about the prospect is routed automatically into your TAPiTAG profile. The prospect receives an e-mail including your details. The prospect can click a link in the e-mail to instantly add an entry with your information to their phone's contact field. 

The prospect receives your information in addition to receiving yours, and vice versa. Follow-up is simple and straightforward, and since the prospect already has your name in their phone, the likelihood that they will respond to your follow-up attempts rises substantially. As you can see, TAPiTAG electronic business card already represents a significant improvement over conventional paper business cards. Giving your information to TAPiTAG is far more effective in one-way information transfers.  

Additionally, TAPiTAG enables two-way information exchanges that conventional paper business cards just cannot. Do not get left in the past, update to the ultimate networking tool, you will not regret it. 

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