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history of digital  business card

The calling card (As it was called in the 15th century) or business card was created in China in the 15th century, but it did not become popular in Western culture until the 17th century. These business cards served a special purpose back then. They were despatched ahead of time to tell a host that an aristocrat was on his way to meet. They were formed and scaled identical to playing cards, and by the middle of the century, they had become a staple of the elite.  

Over time, the business card was embellished with gold and interesting fonts, and by the 19th century, the business cards were a must-have for anybody in the day's middle-class circles. Houses even featured ornately built business card boxes where visitors might leave their business cards. Business Cards were typically made vertically and lavishly decorated with colourful artwork until the nineteenth century. Business cards were highly appreciated introducing tools during this time, delivered on beautiful silver trays at mansions and used by businesses in shops, offices, and stores. It would have been unheard of for the other person to glance at the other business cards while waiting for individuals they came to visit in the hall. Business Cards with folded corners had been handed in person, while business cards with folded corners indicated that the call was intended for all family members. P/F for a celebratory visit, P/C for a sympathy call was typically written on the business card.  

Unlike in polite society, these business cards were also utilised for commercial purposes in the United Kingdom. These business cards were distributed before or after employment and offered maps to reach the individual. They were originally constructed with wood presses, but following the invention of lithography around 1830, they would have been created with lithography. 

Over the years, business cards have improved compared to cards of the past. Now, companies and individuals are more conscience of the Environmental impacts of creating paper cards. To overcome all the issues of paper cards, TAPiTAG are manufacturing a sustainable NFC-enabled Digital business card which is powered by NFC chips.  

There are many new names linked with modern business cards in various parts of the world such as NFC-enabled Digital business card, smart business, e-business card, sustainable business card but here at TAPiTAG, we call it Digital business card

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