What is Proximity Marketing ( NFC Marketing) ?

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WHAT IS PROXIMITY MARKETING (NFC (Near Field Communication) Marketing)?  

Are you ready for NFC Marketing? It's already here and it's going to take center stage in the marketing landscape in 2023. NFC Marketing solutions are simple, and, most importantly, very engaging.  

There is a clear call to action for consumers to convert to contactless payments to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses like the coronavirus. NFC not only enables contactless payments; it also protects personal data from data breaches, which are common with online purchases. The fact that the technology is now widely available in most recent high-end smartphones makes using NFC to promote products and services much more appealing. NFC is also simple to utilize. Unlike other networking technologies such as Bluetooth and infrared, it does not even require electricity to operate. A single tap is all that is required, and data is already being sent. 

As you touch your smart devices on an NFC tag, it also adheres to the principles of proximity marketing. Marketing is the practice of involving and including customers. Not to mention the limitless opportunities for customer connection via NFC. NFC tags may be used for everything from promotional videos to prizes. 


Let's have a look at what occurs when you hang an NFC-enabled smart poster at your workplace. Once you include NFC tags in your product or create a smart poster or smart window display, customers may touch on it to obtain campaign information. When a consumer uses an NFC-enabled smartphone to touch a tag or sticker, the smartphone identifies the URL associated with the NFC. This URL is sent to the cloud server. The server responds with the URL-linked campaign. The consumer's smartphone then displays this advertising. Because, unlike Wi-Fi marketing, NFC marketing does not need the user to configure the smartphone to the source, it is one of the most frictionless methods of transmitting the information.

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