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What is a TAPiTAG Event QR Code?

TAPiTAG Event QR Code, your ultimate private photo-sharing website. Perfect for gathering wedding guest pictures and videos into one convenient digital gallery, all with a simple QR code or link— no app required!

Picture waking up the day after your wedding to a gallery filled with the best moments captured by your guests. No more disappointment with low-resolution images from social media, text or Whatsapp.

With TAPiTAG, you receive everything in one gallery, along with a full-resolution download package to keep forever. It's incredibly simple and completely hassle-free!


Perfect for weddings, holidays, or any occasion, you can get a pre printed TAPITAG Acrylic stand or purchase a QR Code and print the QR Code as you like. It's that easy!


With everyone having a smartphone these days, let your guests have a blast and snap countless photos and videos at your event


Place your unique TAPiTAG stand or QR code in view of your guests and watch the photo's flow in. Scanning the QR will allow your guests to upload their photos and videos effortlessly.

Make Memories

Log into your TAPiTAG Gallery to view all your incredible photos and videos. Download and share them freely from your online gallery.


Scan the QR Code

This is a TAPiTAG Event QR code preview, similar to what you will receive with your order.

Scan the QR code to view the demo landing page.

On the landing page, you can upload any photo or video. The QR Code owner can download any photo or video from their TAPiTAG gallery.

Remember, this demo QR is a PUBLIC gallery, so please upload responsibly.

It's simple. Don't miss a snap!

Collect and save wedding photos from your guests

A TAPiTAG QR code is all you need to gather guest photos into one digital gallery. No app required. No hassle.

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No need to ask guests to register or download a wedding photo app! With your TAPiTAG QR code, guests can easily add their photos, videos to one shared gallery by scanning the QR Code.

Initial Setup is simple. It takes just 2 minutes to set up—it's that easy!

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