What information should a digital business card have?

what information should a NFC-enabled Digital business card have by tapitag

1. Name.

Your name is one of the most crucial details to mention on your NFC-enabled Digital business card. It's crucial to include your entire name (including your nickname) on your NFC-enabled Digital business card since it provides the recipient a quick introduction to you.By going to the website tapitag.co or just tapping your Tapitag NFC-enabled Digital business card and entering in to your account, you can quickly edit your name using TAPiTAG.

2. Photo.

"Should I put my face on my NFC-enabled Digital business card?" is a frequently asked question. Paper business cards sometimes lack space for a picture or headshot. That is not an issue with a digital card, and yes, you should put an image of yourself on your business card! It's easy to lose track of individuals you've met at networking events and conferences. Including a photo on your NFC-enabled Digital business card allows visitors to put a face to a name  and helps others remember you.

3. Your website.

In the digital era, websites are one of the most crucial marketing tools. They include information about you and your brand, issue solutions, and a means to sign up for or purchase your products or services. It goes without saying that anything as important as your website should be featured on your NFC-enabled Digital business card. It's not an issue if you want to add different websites on your NFC-enabled Digital business card.

4. Basic contact information.

One of the most crucial functions of an NFC-enabled Digital business card is to allow people to reconnect with you and reconnect with you.They will need a means to reach you in order to accomplish this, so provide your basic contact information on your NFC-enabled Digital business card.You may add an endless number of communication options to your NFC-enabled Digital business card because spacing isn't an issue with digital cards.


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