NFC Marketing ( NFC social/review tag) ideas business owners



  1. To Increase traffic  

- Make any advertisement an interactive experience. 

Use NFC tag on surrounding signs, bus and subway banners, and other public transportation to qualify your market segment with the extra step they take to dig further into the ad. Allow customers to get more detailed product information, videos, identify local retailers, travel to the company location, and connect to social media with a single tap.  

- Make interactive Digital business cards available. 

People seldom fill in the website URL from their nfc business card. Make it simple for customers to browse your website and store your contact information with a single tap. 

     2.To Increase Engagement  

-Enroll clients in a loyalty program. 

Use NFC social media tag  to enroll clients in your loyalty program at checkout kiosks or POS devices. Allow them to begin earning points right away 

-Tap to see the product's reviews and ratings. 

One significant distinction between e-commerce and traditional purchasing is the availability of reviews and ratings. Allow customers to see product reviews with only one tap. This not only improves the buying experience, but it may also result in great feedback for your product. 

- Click to learn more about a product. 

Tap-to-learn is one of the most obvious but effective NFC tag  use-cases. You may provide access to a dish's ingredients, tutorial videos, warranty cards, and product descriptions. 

- Create smart trial rooms 

Allow consumers to engage with the labels or tags of things they want to sample. Allow your store associates to stack these things in the trial room before the customer arrives. You may also allow consumers to tap-and-request an assorted color and size to improve the experience. 

- Innovative museum exhibitions 

Static exhibitions are becoming obsolete. Museum visitors are eager to learn more about the history of these objects. Allow them to view information such as the date, the artist, the tale, an audio recording, and more. 

Where can NFC tag be used for marketing? 

There are several options for NFC tag installation. However, we have selected the most popular ones to assist and inspire you as you begin your NFC marketing initiatives. 

To get customers to visit your business: 

-Display at a store window 

-On automobiles 


-Brochures and business cards 

-Real estate sale signs 

-To increase interaction with the product: 

-Stickers and product labels 

-Product packaging or food packaging 

-to interact with customers in-store or on corporate premises 

-Posters, table tents, banners, and signs for in-store use 

-Event admission tickets 

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