How much are metal business cards?

TAPiTAG Digital Metal Business Card

Are you looking to stand out from a crowded space? Yes? Then our metal card is designed for you. Our cards start from €99 and here's some reasons why you you should move to our metal cards. When assessing the value of TAPiTAG Metal Business Cards, consider the following factors:

Material Quality:

The use of metal in business cards conveys durability and a sense of luxury. Assess the quality of the metal used in TAPiTAG cards for a lasting and impressive appearance.

Technological Features:

TAPiTAG Metal Business Cards typically come with NFC and QR code technologies, enabling seamless digital interactions. Evaluate the convenience and utility these features provide for modern networking.

Customization Options: Check if TAPiTAG Metal Business Cards offer customization options. The ability to personalize digital content and update information easily can add value for professionals with evolving business needs. Our metal Digital Business Cards are available in Black, Gunmetal, Gold & Rosegold.

Environmental Considerations:

If sustainability is a priority for you, the eco-friendly aspect of TAPiTAG Metal Business Cards, as a reusable and digital alternative to paper cards, adds intrinsic value.

Brand Image:

Consider how TAPiTAG Metal Business Cards align with your brand image. The premium and modern feel of these cards can contribute to a positive perception of your professionalism and innovation.

Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness:

While metal business cards may have a higher upfront cost compared to paper cards, their durability and digital capabilities can contribute to long-term cost-effectiveness, especially if you're someone who frequently updates contact information or digital content.

Ultimately, the value of TAPiTAG Metal Business Cards depends on your specific preferences, business needs, and how well the features align with your professional goals. If you're considering these cards, reach out to our team directly for the latest pricing and detailed information on the product features.

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