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 The basic purpose of business cards is to exchange information. Before Digital Business Cards existed, printed paper business cards were used. While giving out your card is a straightforward process, there is always the possibility that the other individual would misplace it. Your card always had a high percentage of getting lost or misplaced among a stack of paper cards. Not ideal in a world where leaving a first impression is so important.

Although paper cards are relatively small, they have a massive impact on our environment, check out some of the facts below: 

  • Every year, 500,000 trees are cut down to produce 10 billion paper business cards. One single TAPiTAG card can replace all your paper business cards & we even plant a tree for every purchase made. 

  •  An incredible 88% of all paper business cards are disposed of in first 7 days which has negative impact on environment. Moving to a paperless & sustainable digital business card will help the environment. Moving from paper cards to TAPiTAG allows the user to always have their details up to date. 

  • Only 33% of paper business cards have materials that can be recycled, the rest go straight to landfill. With TAPiTAG, our customers can choose options like PVC, Walnut, Cherry, Bamboo & Metal which are sustainable options and have long life span.  


To overcome all the issues of paper cards, TAPiTAG are manufacturing sustainable digital business card and have also partnered with UK based company, Ecologi. Ecologi is an organization that is fighting against the climate crisis by reducing carbon emission and planting more trees. For every TAPiTAG product we sell, we plant a tree. By becoming a TAPiTAG user, you can help the earth, go paperless & help in the fight against climate change.

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