Digital Business Card for Real Estate Industry

digital business card for real estate industry

Are you looking to change the real estate game and get an advantage over your competition? Well, this article is for you. For as long as there is a need to exchange contact information, business cards will always have a place in how we connect. We now live in a digital age, and paper business cards are an outdated way to share your contact details. Digital Business Cards or NFC Business cards are an excellent alternative to conventional business cards, particularly for realtors. Here is how:


Lead Generation

Giving out a paper business card is a gamble. Your paper card is bound to be lost or forgotten in a pile or destined for long term lease in someone’s office drawer. It takes thousands of paper business cards to create a lasting first impression, and you almost never get contact information in return. A sustainable and digital alternative to paper cards is TAPiTAG, a Digital Business Card that allows you to share & receive the all-important contact details in seconds using TAPiTAG’s ‘’connect with me’’ button. A Digital Business Card has the latest NFC Technology embedded into the card & dynamic QR code printed on the card. Once you share your details by tapping your card, your guaranteed to increase your new lead generation, grow your network and convert leads into sales. Just be prepared for the WOW factor after the TAP, you won’t be forgotten.


QR Code on “Sale Brochure and Sign“

Make a For Sale sign using a TAPiTAG dynamic QR code from your Digital Business Card. Not only can potential purchasers rapidly scan it as they drive by, but your contact information will always be available and up to date. Provide potential customers with a one-pager that has all the information they require, a direct link to the homes listing & even book a time for viewing all from one card.


Including a TAPiTAG QR code means you'll have more space for house data, and purchasers will be able to view key details in seconds. TAPiTAG also provide XL & XXL Social Tag which can used by any relator for doing a paperless house viewing.


3D Video Tour

Include a YouTube video of a house tour on your Digital Business Card for your most important or detailed listing. Standard flyers go out of date instantly and only allow for a few photographs, but when you use videos to sell your homes, you may include much more content. Update the features at any time by simply logging into your TAPiTAG central management system. No More reprints on paper, no more out of date information, this is a tool that helps you close deals.


Include PDF

Globally, Realtors produce millions of pamphlets and one-pagers, why not incorporate them into your Digital Business Card. TAPiTAG lets you add as many PDFs as you like to your NFC business cards, making it simple to send marketing materials and open house information. Update your PDF as often as you like & ensure your sales and marketing materials are always current. Change the game, one tap at a time.


New Gen Buyers

Millennials now account for majority of house purchases, with Gen Z accounting for an increase. Staying current with the latest sustainable and digital technologies is critical as tech-minded millennials who have overtaken Boomers in the house market. Millennials and Generation Z’s need information at their fingers in seconds and entering information from a traditional business card will not suffice. TAPiTAG allows you to connect with a potential buyer with the TAP of an NFC business card.

TAPiTAG is more than just a business card, this is a sustainable tool that gets you results.

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